How a cross-border retailer grew revenue with the Zinc API

Amerikadaniste is an ecommerce company based in Turkey that specializes in providing an international shopping experience for domestic customers. With a focus on cross-border logistics, the company enables individuals in Turkey to shop globally sourced retail inventory through their proprietary storefront and then have purchases conveniently delivered to their doorstep.

The Amerikadaniste shopping experience was powered by a manual data team. Fulfilling orders on retail sites, repricing inventory, and creating new listings was operationally intensive and vulnerable to error. Launching new product offerings took a long time, and pricing accuracy took more work the larger the catalog grew.

“As a package forwarding and shopping assistant service, we were not providing our users with enough information about the products they could buy.”

Through leveraging the Zinc API, they were able to redesign their customer experience by showcasing a wider range of products, updating pricing dynamically based on rule-based algorithms, and automating fulfillment. This not only increased sales but also reduced operational overhead.

“Our most clearly improved data was the increase in time spent on the site and the number of members. We are getting more members with the same traffic and marketing spend.”

Amerikadaniste also found that by quickly growing their digital catalog using Zinc, they could discover which product lines were most popular with their customers. This allowed them to not only sell more products on their website, but create higher impact marketing materials.

“Our marketing team started to showcase products that are in line with customers' habits, both on the site, in app, and in marketing communication channels.”

As a small and focused team, it was especially helpful that Amerikadaniste could leverage the Zinc API quickly, as their software team developed around the system within days. The result was a smooth and fast integration process that immediately led to improved business operations, increased sales, higher profit margins, and reduced internal costs.

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