How e-commerce innovator Abunda uses Zinc API to power a unique shopping experience

Abunda is an ecommerce store that allows customers to pay in monthly installments on millions of products. By combining financing options from multiple payment installation companies into a unified shopping experience, Abunda allows consumers to confidently compare pay-as-you-go options while browsing an expansive, desirable inventory.

When launching in 2020, Abunda’s leadership realized their operation would require listing large amounts of items in their web store, and that these products would require frequent updating to make sure their pricing was competitive. They saw that manually sourcing orders from retail websites like Amazon was achievable with smaller order volumes, but that scaling this would be challenging due to manual errors and unpredictable labor needs.

“We’ve used Zinc since day one to solve the challenges of manual ordering from retail sites and retrieving key product listing and pricing information. Automating these areas allowed us to successfully focus on growing other parts of the business.”

Within two weeks of testing the Zinc API, Abunda’s development team had successfully automated three key areas of their business: creating product listings on their web store, updating pricing across products, and programmatically creating order fulfillment from retail channels.

Abunda also relies on Zinc API’s to minimize the internal labor required to support customers after an order is placed. This is done through Zinc’s post order APIs, which allow Abunda to supply their buyers with updated tracking information and automate the returns process. When an Abunda user purchases a product through their website, Zinc creates the fulfillment and provides tracking data through a simple webhook that Abunda passes through to their customer. When a customer requests a return, Zinc automatically submits the request to the retail site the item was purchased from, then uploads the return label into the API where Abunda can auto-forward it to the customer.

“With Zinc, we have improved key metrics including conversion rates, operating costs, and customer satisfaction.”

Using Zinc to power these retail operations has allowed Abunda to minimize costs, sell more goods, and focus their efforts on marketing and customer acquisition. The result for Abunda has been sustainable growth while rising to become a prominent ecommerce retailer over the last few years.

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